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Saturday 3rd August

SPEECH & DRAMA ENTRIES CLOSED - NO LATE ENTRIES CAN BE ACCEPTED. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP IF YOU NEED TO WITHDRAW YOUR ENTRY! Several entries have been put on a waiting list with no guarantees of a place unless there are withdrawals.


Held at the Balaklava High School Performing Arts Centre - See Eisteddfod Venues page

CONVENOR: Stephanie Radowicz

ADJUDICATOR: Rebecca Pannell

Discipline Information

Please read 2019 Syllabus Notes for detailed information


Please note there are several sections in this discipline; Prose or Poetry Reading, Drama & Recitation (Solos), Group Drama and Public Speaking - all according to age

Solo Drama or Recitation - sections an entrant may perform EITHER a Solo Drama OR a Recitation, but NOT BOTH. When entering, indicate whether you are doing Solo Drama or Recitation. Please note that Recitation and Drama Performance Solos will be combined in the one section (sd) UNLESS there are sufficient numbers of each to warrant separation

• Recitation Solo - A memorised recital of a poem or section of prose

• Drama Solo - A memorised monologue or a solo section from a play/ script

• Drama Group - Memorised performance. Simple costumes and props may be used. Group Drama 2-4 performers and Group Drama 5-9 performers (sd5-9). If entering sd5-9, use a unique name only on the entry form. Details of individual group members are to be put on the separate Performer Names for Groups or Ensembles form.

• Prose & Poetry Reading - A reading from a section of prose (novel/newspaper/magazine etc) or poetry. Entrants may perform BOTH a prose reading and a poetry reading (i.e. 2 entries)

• Public Speaking - 2019 TOPIC "Humour makes the world go round"

ALL Speech & Drama -  Performer's Declaration form and notes about copyright for this section see COPYRIGHT DECLARATION for SPEECH & DRAMA (to fill in and present to Booking In staff)


The timer will be stopped between pieces and are as follows

Recitation - 5 minutes

Drama Solo - 5 minutes plus brief set up time

Drama Group - 8 minutes plus brief set up time

Prose and Poetry Reading - 5 minutes

Public Speaking - 3 minutes


Entry Fees $10

Drama or Recitation Solo Junior (Age 13 & under) - CODE jun sd

Drama or Recitation Solo Senior (Age 17 and under) - CODE sen sd

Drama or Recitation Solo Open (Age 18 & over) - CODE open sd

Prose or Poetry Reading Solo Open (any age) - CODE open sd-pr

Public Speaking Solo Junior (Age 13 & under) - CODE jun sd-ps

Public Speaking Solo Senior (Age 17 & under) - CODE  sen sd-ps

Public Speaking Solo Open (Age 18 & over)-  CODE - open sd-ps

Entry Fees $18

Group Drama (2-4 performers) Junior (age 14 & under) - CODE jun sd2-4

Group Drama Open (2-4 performers) (age 15 & over) - CODE open sd2-4

Group Drama Junior (5-9 performers) (age 14 & under) - CODE jun sd5-9

Group Drama Open (5-9 performers) (age 15 & over) - CODE open sd5-9

* NOTE: Depending on number of entries, some SECTIONS may be divided, combined, cancelled or have entries CLOSED EARLY when capacity is reached *

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