Rules and Conditions of Entry

Please note the following rules & conditions apply.


1.  Entry forms will be available for download on our website on the Forms page.  If unable to download the forms, contact The Administrator, Balaklava Eisteddfod Society, PO Box 253, Balaklava SA 5461 or contact Trish Goodgame 0417 891 834 or email with your details. Only one entry form is to be used per entrant/family, unless more room is needed for one member.     

2. Payment: The appropriate fee or proof of payment MUST accompany each entry Form. 
If in doubt re amount due, check first with the Society. 
Preferred payment is by direct Bank Transfer to our ANZ BANK ACCOUNT

Account: Balaklava Eisteddfod Society

Bank: ANZ


BSB: 015-525

Account No: 464206285

Reference: Entrant name


Details of transfer are to be emailed to or posted to 
The Treasurer, Balaklava Eisteddfod Society, PO Box 253, Balaklava SA 5461. 
Posted fees are to be remitted by cheque or money order only, made payable to Balaklava Eisteddfod Society. Post payment (or proof of payment) WITH entry form to The Treasurer, Balaklava Eisteddfod Society, PO Box 253, Balaklava SA 5461.

Cash payments by mail are unacceptable.

Entry is not final until payment is received. * If not paid in 14 days from date of entry form being received, the entry will be automatically archived.

3. Entry fees are not refundable except where a Section is cancelled. Entrants are not entitled to any refund of fees, in cases of non-appearance for any reason.

4. The age of the entrant shall be deemed to be the age of the entrant as at 1 July 2019. The date of birth should be stated on the Entry Form. Entrants shall produce a copy of their birth certificate if asked to do so.

5. Entrants who have been pupils of, or who have been coached by, the Adjudicator of a Discipline in the six months prior to the day of competition are ineligible to enter that Discipline competitively.

6. a) An entrant may enter ONLY TWO of the following SINGING SOLO SECTIONS:

Contemporary Vocal Solo 
Musical Theatre Solo
Vocal Solo
Vocal Classical Solo
Vocal Non-classical Solo.

** This does NOT affect entry into the Vocal Scholarship **

b) An entrant may enter ONCE ONLY in each of the following ENSEMBLE/GROUP SECTIONS:

Contemporary Vocal Ensemble (2-4 voices)
Musical Theatre Ensemble (2-4 voices)
Vocal Small Ensemble (2-4 voices)

Instrumental Ensemble (2-4 instruments)

Piano Duet/Trio

Speech & Drama - Group Drama (2-4 performers and 5-9 performers)

7. Rights of the Society: The Society reserves the unfettered right to:

a) amend or cancel any Section that has attracted insufficient entries
b) extend or shorten the period during which entries may be submitted
c) divide or combine any Section
d) convene additional Sections
e) alter the Section times as shown in the Programme
f) record, photograph, film or videotape any item or Sections



8. No entrant shall perform the same item in more than one Discipline or Section.

9. a) Prompting or assistance of any kind may not be given to any entrant during performance, except by the Adjudicator or the adjudicator's nominee.
b) Tuning assistance of instrument prior to performance is permitted.

10. a) Should an entrant leave the stage during a performance for any cause, that entrant may perform again (time permitting) for comments only.
b) In the event of a mechanical breakdown, the entrant may perform competitively again, time permitting.

11. If an entrant has won 1st placing in the same section of a discipline in two consecutive years, they must either perform non-competitively or progress to the next age level.
In Instrumental Discipline this applies to winning in two consecutive years, playing an instrument in the same family, e.g. flute and clarinet. If instruments are from different families, (e.g. string and woodwind) this rule does not apply.



12. Entrants may perform more than 1 piece provided that the total performing/playing time does not exceed the stated time limit. Contemporary Vocal Discipline is the exception where ONLY 1 piece is allowed.



13. (a) SHEET MUSIC - A legible copy of the music to be performed MUST be provided for the Adjudicator, and submitted to the Booking Officer. The Booking in Office is open 30 minutes prior to the Section on the day of the performance, although booking in can be done earlier in the day. The entrant must collect their music at the close of the Section. Loose-leaf copies must be stapled and numbered. Music copies for Instrumental and Piano Sections must have the bars numbered.

i) Unpublished music will be accepted, but the manuscript must be legible. Instrumental cadenzas must be included with the copy for the Adjudicator and must be legible. If a piece has been composed with accompaniment it may not be played without accompaniment.

ii) All ensembles, (except Musical Theatre Ensemble), must include at least 50% of the performance in harmony.

iii) Instrumental Solo pieces may not be excerpts from ensemble pieces.

iv) If a CD is to be used as accompaniment in the Contemporary Vocal Section, the original CD or authorised downloaded copy must be sighted. 

v) In Contemporary Vocal Discipline, a legible copy of the lyrics must be provided for the Adjudicator. In ALL other sections, a copy of the printed music is required, with lyrics if applicable.

vi) In Vocal Discipline, a live accompanist is preferred. If unable to secure an accompanist, the entrant may use a backing track consisting of ONE instrument only e.g piano, guitar.

Please refer to Rule 19 re appropriate content. The Booking in Office is open 30 minutes prior to the Section on the day of the performance, although booking in can be done earlier in the day. The entrant must collect material at the close of the Section. Loose-leaf copies must be stapled and numbered.

- i) Recitation, Drama, Prose &/or Poetry  - A legible copy of a brief Context Statement (Synopsis) and a Script copy for any [Recitation, Drama, Prose or Poetry] piece to be performed MUST be provided for the Adjudicator, and submitted to the Booking Officer. 

ii) Public Speaking - Topic as specified in the Syllabus by the Balaklava Eisteddfod Society.  A legible copy of the [Public Speaking] piece to be performed MUST be provided for the Adjudicator, and submitted to the Booking in Officer. Material must be original and the content appropriate.



14. ENTRANTS MUST HAVE ORIGINAL MUSIC PRESENT  during their performance. Entrants infringing this Rule will be disqualified unless proof of official authorisation of any PHOTOCOPIED material is produced or unless the music is out of copyright. HOWEVER, a photocopy of the music to be performed may be supplied for the use of the Adjudicator but this copy cannot be returned to the entrant. Neither the Society nor Balaklava Community Arts Inc. will be liable for any copyright infringement.

Note: Print Music - Any downloaded print music from the Internet is to be presented with evidence of ‘authorization for use’ including receipts, and must be sighted by the booking in staff. 

* Any photocopying done at venues will now be charged at 20 cents per sheet.


Available from the Balaklava Eisteddfod website,

Page 1: Part 1: Performer's Declaration

Part 2: Adjudication Copy

Part 3: Accompanist Copy

Part 4: (not required)

Page 2: Part 5: Fill in the title and composer of the pieces being performed

This form must be completed by all music entrants and be presented to the Booking Officer at each venue for each performance. Spare Forms will be available at each booking in office.

Bring completed Performer Declaration Form on day of performance. NO NOT send in advance.



15. The Society reserves the right to appoint a substitute Adjudicator for the announced Adjudicator, for any reason.

16. Entrants must not communicate with the Adjudicator after the entries have closed and before the end of the Eisteddfod, without the prior written approval of the Secretary. The Society reserves the right to disqualify any entrant who acts in breach of this rule.

17. The Adjudicator’s decision relating to the awards of each Section is final.


18. Withdrawals: Entrants who are unable to perform in their nominated Section should notify the Balaklava Eisteddfod Society immediately, as this may affect programming.

19. a) A high standard of personal presentation is considered desirable, and will be taken into consideration by the Adjudicator. 
b) Entrants must be sensitive to mixed audiences, ages and venues. 
c)The Adjudicator reserves the right to terminate a performance and/or disqualify a performer if the performance includes offensive language or content.

20. No parent or teacher is allowed on or behind the stage UNLESS accompanying or conducting, or rendering assistance AT THE ADJUDICATOR’S REQUEST.

21. a) An opportunity for a family member of an entrant or school representative to take a photo will be given at the conclusion of each performance in a Section, but NOT DURING a performance.

b) A licence to make an audio-visual recording of your own child or school’s performance can be obtained from the AMCOS|APRA website. For personal use you will need a Domestic Use Video Licence . Government Schools are covered automatically by the APRA|AMCOS/ARIA Schools’ Music Recordings and Access Licence. Catholic and Private Schools can check if they have the appropriate licence by emailing

No videos may be made without a licence, which must be presented if requested.

If you are a designated person to record a video, you must give your details and collect a videographer badge from the Booking in office, and return it when finished.

No badge means no videotaping.

NO audio or audio-visual recording made under this licence may be shared by way of the Internet, public screenings, competitions, film festivals, TV, radio or online broadcasts or Social Media


22. Balaklava Community Arts Inc., the Balaklava Eisteddfod Society, any of their servants, volunteers or agents shall not be liable for any delay, loss or damage to the property of, or any inconvenience caused to, any Entrants, arising from any cause whatsoever.

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Entrants who fail to comply with any of the foregoing Rules and Conditions of Entry may be disqualified. The decisions of the Society shall be final in all questions or disputes that relate directly or indirectly to participation in the Eisteddfod by:

a) an Entrant
b) an Entrant's parent/guardian
c) an Entrant's teacher
d) any other person associated with the Entrant.




The Balaklava Eisteddfod Society, part of Balaklava Community Arts Inc., 
(e.g. on website, provided to local media, on Facebook page etc.)

PLEASE ADVISE if there are any entrants who REQUIRE EXCLUSION from such use of photographs. Permission for photos to be to be used is assumed unless notified otherwise.

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