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Frequently Asked Questions

(Frequently Asked Questions)

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What equipment is supplied for bands on the Friday of competion?

In the concert & stage band venue, entrants will need to supply their own amps.
Supplied at the concert and stage band venue:

  • grand piano
  • basic drum kit
  • music stands
  • up to 2 microphones.

Any other questions related to the Concert/stage Band and Instrumental Ensemble venue can be directed to Bronwyn Cottle, ph (08) 88631242.

Supplied at the Rock Band venue:

  • keyboard
  • basic drum kit
  • up to 4 microphones.

Please check with Bronwyn Cottle re possibilty to borrow amps or to ask any questions you may have.

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Can I use CD backing instead of an accompanist in sections other than Contemporary Vocal?

CD backing may be used, provided it is an original or authorised CD.
If a cd is used anywhere except the Contemporary Vocal Discipline, you must supply your own CD player.

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What is the Novice Section?

In the Piano and Instrumental Disciplines, the Novice section is open to any entrant who has had 18 months or less tuition on a first instrument only. If an entrant has learnt more than one instrument, then they cannot enter this section. On the entry form, the teacher must sign to verify that the entrant has only been receiving tuition for 18 months or less prior to the time of competition.

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What happens if I win in the same section in a discipline 2 years in a row?

If an entrant wins the same section of any section in 2 consecutive years, the following year the entrant must either enter non-competitively or go up to the next division level for that year. In open sections, if an entrant has won the same division in the same section for 2 consecutive years, the following year if they enter that section again, they must do so non-competitively.

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Where is Balaklava and how do I get there?

Balaklava is situated approximately 100kms north of Adelaide. See Directions to Balaklava page. If coming from Adelaide allow at least 90 minutes or more from the GPO, in case of traffic restrictions, road works etc.

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Where can I stay in the Balaklava area?

See the Accommodation page. There is a hotel and a caravan park and a bed and breakfast in Balaklava. In nearby towns, particularly in the Clare Valley in Auburn there are several motels and bed and breakfast places and hotels as well. In Pt Wakefield (only 25kms away) is a caravan park, a motel and holiday units.

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Will I have time to get to all the different sections I have entered?

YES! We work out our programme according to the entries received, noting what multiple disciplines/sections entrants are in so that no one has to be in two places at once.

While there might be a short time frame between some sections, the venues are in close proximity in Balaklava with most of them within walking distance of each other. Each discipline's venue booking in office is in constant touch with the other booking in offices, notifying of any delays.

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Why do you need to know who my accompanist is?

This is extremely important for the working out of the programme as we have to make sure the accompanists don't have to be in two places at once.

If you don't know who your accompanist is going to be, please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If unsure, but think you know who you will use, please advise "to be confirmed" next to it, just so we have an idea.

There are a few accompanists that do a great deal of work on the Saturday in particular. Always remember to ask your accompanist early if they are able to accompany you, preferably before the entry closing date, so that you can put it on your entry form.

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Do you supply accompanists?

NO. Finding an accompanist is the sole responsibility of the entrant. We may however suggest names if needed. Please organise your accompanist before the closing date where possible, so it can be indicated on the entry form.

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When can I expect to receive Entry Information, programme etc?

See the Calendar page for the basic timeline.

  • Entry Information is sent out in late March or early April, before the end of school term 1 (SA Public School dates). Please read the Rules and Conditions of Entry carefully and contact us if you have any questions re the syllabus, rules or filling out the forms.
  • The Syllabus and Rules & Conditions of Entry are available on the website in pdf format for ease of printing. See the Forms, Rules or Syllabus pages for the links.
  • The programme will be sent to entrants (who have paid for them to be posted) in late June before the end of Term 2 (SA Public School dates). When you receive your programme, please check it carefully and contact us if you have any concerns, or corrections that need to be made.
  • Advance Notice for the following year's Balaklava Eisteddfod is sent out in early November.

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Can I get help with entering?

YES! If you have any questions at all re entering please contact us either by email, or contact Trish Goodgame on 0417891834 or (08) 88621851. Feel free to ask for clarification of anything in the Syllabus and Rules & Conditions of Entry.

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Can I fax or email scanned my entry information?

YES - providing you also fax or email a copy of bank transfer details.

If you are paying by cheque or postal order, then this should accompany the original entry form/invoice


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Is there a minimum time limit in any section?

NO - there is only a maximum time limit. In all Sections exept Contemporary Vocal, more than one piece may be performed providing it fits within the maximum time frame.

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Is there a minimum or maximum age limit in any Discipline?

NO - Entrants of all ages are welcome to enter the Balaklava Eisteddfod. Ages for individual sections are advised in the Syllabus.

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Can music purchased from an online sheet music distributor be used at the Eisteddfod?

YES - Provided that any downloaded print music from the internet is presented with evidence of ‘authorization for use’ including receipts, and must be sighted by the booking in staff.

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When do you need to know what piece/s I am performing?

On the day of competition when you book in, you will be asked to present your original music and the title & composer will be recorded then.

The only exception is for the CHORAL WORKSHOP division, where a copy of the score for music to be performed in the Choral Workshop MUST be sent to Balaklava Eisteddfod Society (PO Box 253, Balaklava SA 5461) before the end of June for the adjudicator to peruse before hand.

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What is a "Discipline"?

A Discipline is an area or style of competition (Balaklava Eisteddfod formerly called these "Sections"). The Disciplines currently offered by Balaklava Eisteddfod are:

Friday Disciplines:

Instrumental Ensemble
Rock Band

Choral Workshop
Vocal Ensemble

Saturday Disciplines

Contemporary Vocal
Musical Theatre
Vocal (includes selection of finalists for the Vocal Scholarship)



Speech & Drama



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